The Mark Campaign by Thoma Kikis

About Mark

The Mark campaign is an urban branding experiment that has several meanings, first being - leave your mark. Inspired by artists Shepard Fairey, Banksy and Andy Warhol, who all left their marks, the project is to give identity to popular culture icons that have the ability to stand out as brands. Leaving a Mark, whether its an image or just an influence, its an impression that is left behind, hopefully something that becomes indelible. Mark is an investigation on images that appear to be one thing but are completely something else entirely. Even a sticker can become a movement and later a brand, but when does that become so saturated that it looses its original meaning.

The inspiration for this icon left an idelible mark on the artist, mostly resilience under pressure and the ability to come back when your at your lowest point. The pledge is that for every mark that gets taken down a new mark will take its place.

About the Artist

Thoma Kikis is a designer, filmmaker and photographer based in New York City. He is a diehard New York Jets fan. Currently he's leaving his Mark everywhere.
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Free Downloads

Mark Campaign Kit

Mark Kit for Urban and Web use

Click on the image above download the .zip file, unzip the package contents and you're ready to start leaving your Mark. Instructions inside.